Get to Revenue Faster

Launch your product, gain traction and scale revenue by at least 3x with the Albaloo team’s marketing methodology.

Starting a company is hard. Marketing & Technology don’t have to be.

Our digital strategies bridge your vision, budget and audience with cutting edge tactics so you can reach your next milestone. Whether you’re determining your MVP or are ready to scale to thousands of customers, we take a market driven, data-driven approach to building products, campaigns and experiences to get you leads and sales.

What We Do

Digital Marketing

We integrate your digital tactics into a cohesive whole

Conversion Optimization

We push conversions to 10 – 20% with the latest tactics

Technical Implementations

Our websites, MVPs and martech integrations engage & convert

Revenue Growth

We ensure our campaigns have positive ROI to your bottom line

We Work with Startups of All Sizes


Define minimum viable audience

Series A

Create ideal customer profile

Series B

Scale to thousands of customers

VCs & Accelerators

Coaching and classes for portfolio companies

Meet Our Founder

Pardees Safizadeh has spent 10 years helping companies, from early stage startups to enterprise companies, launch their businesses and scale their marketing. In her two previous roles she scaled digital marketing from 5 – 500 leads a month for a cloud analytics startup acquired by VMWare and helped drastically reduce churn for a marketing technology company that was acquired by Salesforce. She has now founded Albaloo to help as many companies as possible launch, define their audiences and grow their revenue by 3x with her proprietary methodology.

What We’re Saying

Why I Started Albaloo

Why I Started Albaloo

One year ago, I left my last job to take some space and figure out my next steps. Between networking, conferences and the time off, I started freelancing as I...

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